Monday, 27 June 2016

Maths portfoilo post

Discription: for maths we have been learning about ratios and fractionsand stuff like that. this is a sort of test to see how good you are at them, I think I did really well at this sheet and I think I finished in a good time, seeming i finished 1st out of our group

Feedback/feedforward:I liked how you explained your game Edward

Evaluation:I think I could of done better at explaining what we did but I thought I did well at the sheet.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Seed2table science

Discription: this is what we did for science in seed2table we are making seeds germanate by getting 2 paper towels things sticking them into a bowl of water letting them soak then we took them out and let them drip the put the seeds in the middle and then raped the edges over then put them into a plastic wrap bag thing then wrote our names and date on it.

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Kapa Haka portfoilo post

Discription: on Monday we ether go to kapa Haka or e te rio. I go to kapa Haka. Kapa Haka is when you go and learn māori song with actions, and then you go to the regent and perform the songs that you learned, to A bunch of people and then you just have lots of fun. my favorite part is the Haka.

Sam Ross⚽️

Evaluation:What is the hardest part about Kapa Haka and why? 
When you have to remember the words because some of the songs are long so it's hard to remember the words
What are you most looking forward to about Pae Tamariki next week and why?
 When we get to perform because it's really fun showing what you learned 
Why do you think others should join Kapa Haka?
Because it's really fun and it's a good way to revive streets if you can't get something finished 

Maths portfoilo post

Description: in maths we have been learning about help us with our fractions we made kahoots about fractions, they need to have at least 10 questions about fractions. and the they need to be a bit challenging so then we learn something not what we already know.

This is what people thought off my kahoot.

Feedback/feedforward: you should of takin a photo of one of the questions to show and show the person what type of fractions we were learning about i liked how you put what they think about the kahoot. juven

Evaluatuon: i think i could of shown what the questions were about but yeah i think i did well

Sunday, 19 June 2016

portfolio post sports start

Description: we do sports start every Wednesday and Thursday, we do this sports game could rainbow smash. rainbow smash  is when you have like a small tennis racket or something, and then someone under arm throws it to you and then you try smash it. (you play in a netball court or something with 3+ areas) and try not get it out on the fall. if you hit the ball out on the fall you are out , and also if you hit it you can run to the nearest corner and that's a bonus point, if you hit in the first courts the 1 point second court is 2 points and sow one.

Feedback/feedforward I think you did great at explaining next time you could make the video bigger so I can look at it Miko 

Evaluation: I think I did a good discription but next time try make the video bigger

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Weather inquiry portfolio post

 Discription: every Friday we do inquiry we do seed2table with Elly, weather  with Troy and moon with Nic, this is our weather with Troy we get to chose an exsperiment about weather from a this website that has lots of experiment. I choose about how is rain formed or what does rain drops look like here is some photos about how we did it

We put flour into a shoebox lid the smoothed it so in wasn't bumby the we had to put it under the rain, and then we put it into a sieve that we shoke so the flour left the sieve and there was only our raindrops

Feedback/feedford: You did well at showing me visually what you were doing. Next time try to explain it a bit better and bring some of your stuff. Tane

Evaluation: I think I showed and explained well but needed to bring the exsperiment equipment, because I forgot 

Monday, 6 June 2016

X country

my goal is to come in the top 6 in X country because last year i came 6 and I want to beat it