Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Camp writing scary story

Disciption:I chose to do a entertaining peace of writing because I wanted to try and entertain the reader in a scary spooky story, because I don't normally do a entertaining story. I more like to do a informing story about where and what and why we did it. so that's why I've chosen to do a entertaining story. About camp 2016 Russell st school.

Is the meaning of camp to scare the living day lights out of children or is it to have fun? I think it's to scare children!

On the last night of camp of  a man wearing a spooky beanie with a skull on it walked into our room at 4 0 clock! I know it wasn't one of the adults because it was 4 in the morning when I checked on my watch. he looked at Finis then looked at Jacob W who was above me. he looked about 6 feet tall! then I moved my sheet then he looked at me like I was a big potato then he looked at my book and picked it up like it was gold, then he dropped it like it was trash "bang" as it hit the ground then he walked out of the room I stood up and opens the door I saw him he ran past the dining room and the deck and away in the morning I talked to Fletcher,Jhonty and angus I was freaked out 

I think you would be a bit scared if a man walked in to you're room wouldn't you

Feedback I like how you explained what he was doing in your room and what he did outside.
Feedford maybe check you spelling before you show it on your blog.

Evaluation: I think I did well in writing the story but I could of made it longer

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

I satements

Discription: we have been learning about I statement I statement is when you say I feel what ever because you dit that to me this the video about I statements

Sunday, 13 March 2016

2016 camp portfolio sample

Discription:on Tuesday we went to camp on the bus, I sat next to Troy,Jacob and Eli we talked the whole time there. when we got to camp we sat down in the really big hall sort of thing, and they talked about what we had to do. the boy group cabins whent and did the discover el rancho first. then we made our beds then waited for the girls to finish there discover el rancho. then we got started in our activates, we did kayaking first it was quite hard to get in a line when then wanted us to. then we did rafting it is a long walk to where we did rafting, but it was worth it the water it was so nice and cold I loved the water. then we had dinner skit practice and bed time. the next day was the same but different activitys and that was the same all the other times but the second to last night cause we had a camp fire it was nice and the s'mores where so nice  before I new it we where heading back on the way we went to levin and played for two hours the journey was so so so fun then we went home.

Feedback/feedford:it was quite a good evaluation that I could read but you could make your writing tidier. Patrick

Thursday, 3 March 2016

One word 2016 portfoilo sample

Discription: First we got a word that that we want to strive for then on Twitter we said why we chose it then we planned for a few weeks then we started, we did all the planning in to action and then made this creative word. I chose in integrity because I want to help people without them asking. I chose my lettering because I like to be creative and it is all over the place.

Feedback/feedford: I like how the sign is in mid-air, but next time try not to make it cover up your face. Tane thank you tane next time I'll think about that 

Evaluation:I think I did well because  every week I missed out on doing the whole time because of eLerning buddies

Camp goals

This is my camp goals they the goals that I set for the camp next week they are different types 1 is about a group goal Ann's 1 is a self goal